STEM For All Videos Seen Around the World!

Our STEM for All Videos have been seen around the world!

Researching a District's Integration of the Maker Movement was viewed 400 times in over 63 unique locations including Vietnam, China, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and 20 states across the U.S. This research project uses case study methodology to articulate how the Elizabeth Forward School District (EFSD) integrates the Maker movement into its secondary schools.

Additionally, our video Peg+Cat: Early Learning of Math Through Media (ELM2) was viewed over 700 times in over 132 unique locations including Brazil, Spain, Israel, Iran, South Africa, Thailand, and 30 states across the U.S. ELM2 encompasses production of Peg + Cat, an animated math-based PBS television series for preschoolers and complementary games and apps, piloting of professional development (PD) with 80+ Head Start teachers and administrators, development and distribution of family engagement resources, and research to advance the field’s understanding of how best to support early math learning.

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