Diocese of Pittsburgh- Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy

Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy represents an effort to bring together the best of two communities, two schools, two sets of dedicated professionals, to provide the very best of educational opportunity for children from both communities. Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic Academy represents the merger of resources from both school communities, striving to have a new entity emerge, that both respects the roots of both schools (and communities) and the reach of what these communities can do well, together.

While Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy, is an authentically Catholic institution, it is also rooted in African-American Catholic spirituality.Serving the diversity of God’s children, their families and in relationship with the community, they aim for students to reach their full potential spiritually, culturally and academically.  The mission is to provide a stimulating climate of academic excellence with high expectations for student achievement in order to be leaders in a diverse and global community.