Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA) - Questyinz

Questyinz is a web-‐based learning tool to guide kids in their summer reading and learning. Children log into the site and choose from a variety of Quests on different topics, ranging from books, technology, Pittsburgh, sports, and more. Following registration, children choose an avatar and clubhouse they can later earn points to decorate and personalize. Questyinz allows for self-directed learning, where children can delve into different topics based on their own interests. Through playing and answering questyinz, children earn points for their avatar and clubhouse. Questyinz draws on Connected Learning and 21st Century Literacies research to expand summer learning beyond traditional summer reading programs. Connected Learning isan approach that intends to bridge the divide between formal and informal education by broadening a young person’s access to education. Namely Connected Learning focuses on being interest driven, peer supported, and academically interested. Questyinz allows children to delve deeply into personal areas of interest and receive support in their learning through a variety of networks (including the scaffolding of Questyinz itself, friends, parents, and librarians). Questyinz is among the first summer learning programs nationally to address not only the need for summer reading, but for libraries to provide opportunities for youth to engage in a more holistic and modern understanding of literacy. While Questyinz bases many of its quests on reading and writing activities, it also asks participants to conduct research, to venture off into other knowledge realms and even into their communities in order to learn and understand their world. Through this process, children not only expose themselves to opportunities for improving their reading and writing skills, but their 21st century literacy skills as well.

ACLA Year 1 

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