Duke Scale-Up ITEST

Recent statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predict a rapid increase in Information Technology jobs. Conversely, statistics that track college degree programs show a dramatic decline in enrollment of computing majors. To address this issue, we propose to excite today's high school students about the possibilities in computing careers and provide them a positive experience with computing and programming. Duke Scale-Up ITEST is a collaborative, comprehensive project for students and teachers. The project is desinged to build a network of college and high school faculty, who will offer workshops and provide continuing support during the academic year. The network is set up in six different geographic regions, where college faculty works directly with high school teachers in teaching and learning innovative and effective ways to introduce computing and computer programming. Duke Scale-Up ITEST uses the latest technology and software, media, 3-D graphics, sound, and animation.  

CEAC has been the evaluator for Scale - Up ITEST since 2010.

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