Amachi Pittsburgh is a faith-based mentoring initiative of the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation (PLF) that brings positive adult mentors into the lives of children of prisoners in Allegheny County, PA.  Amachi beleives that all children have inherent value, seeing children of incarverated parents as children of promise. It is Amachi's hope that through mentoring each child's potential will be recognized, protected and nurtured through the support and guidance of the carefully screened and trained mentors from local congregations and community organizations.

Amachi Pittsburgh reaches out to these children with open hearts and hands to guide, nurture and share the gift of time, serving children and youth ages 4 to 18, including children with special needs. Amachi embraces all children in the family. They train, supervise and support mentors and mentoring programs; and also provide resources and support for congregations and organizations to implement the Amachi initiative. Since 2007 CEAC has served as the evaluator for Amachi Pittsburgh's programming, working to help them improve programming and increase capacity.

Year 7 Evaluation Report

Years 8 to 10 Evaluation Report